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Secured WordPress Website
why websites get hacked ?
Insecure Web Hosting
Insecure Web Hosting

choosing better web hosting can protect you 45%

Null Themes

Null Themes

themes that contain non-secure coding .

Null Plugin

Null Plugin

Null Plugin Contains Non-Secure Php Code.

Why Hackers Hack WordPress Sites ?

These are beginner hackers they hack for fun. They can take the entire website down.

They hack intentionally for taking down the reputation of the company and the entire infastructure.

Hackers want to make money as fast as they can by mining cryptocurrency so, they hack into the website & install crypto miners where script uses computer CPU to 100%.

Hackers sometimes hack sites to get information like contact addresses, medical records, personal preferences, pictures, financial information, etc. Hackers use this data to:

  • Blackmailing
  • Damage the reputation of the company.
  • To sell data online.

Do you know ?

most infected websites

world’s most infected CMS is WordPress. Analytics shown below year by year.

Year - 2016
Year - 2017
Year - 2018
You might be having a question.
How to secure before hacker even know there is a loophole in my website?
So, this is where DuoVK comes in.
Secure wordpress site with 4 verified steps
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